About The Psychic ?
What is " The Psychic " ?
The Psychic is a Lottery program that I created ( That is not a random number generator and not to be confused with
programs and systems with similar names. ) that uses a totally different logic that hasn’t been looked at or tried or
probably even thought of ( In my opinion or my knowledge... ), because of the complexly of its nature, so I decided to
take a look at it, and try to tackle some of the difficult topics that most Lottery programs shy away from when trying to
predict the winning numbers. Realistically it’s about having the strongest average possible, and then trying to pick the
winning number.
What " The Psychic " does is analyze the latest information that’s it's given and then attempts to give three of the most
difficult Lottery results, Correct number sets ( 123, 213, 312 etc.. ), Draw time ( Day, Night or some cases Drawing
Time ), and then it takes a strong attempt to put the numbers in exact order in which the number may come out, in a
user friendly list. For attempting to cover the most wanted results in a Lottery program, I’d say that it gives pretty good
results, but with all Lottery programs results will vary from State to State and person to person and different draw
times. A lot of so called Lottery experts will say that most to all Lottery systems are a waste of time, and money and
what I’m trying to accomplish would be extremely hard or just can’t be done or impossible… because all Lotteries are
designed to be as random as possible.  Well my final thought on that is… “ If you say so… ”. With all that been said, I
guess you could say that “ The Psychic ” is the " Next-Gen " Lottery program.
Who should use " The Psychic ” ?
The generated list was designed for all types States and users, but the more serious Lottery players will probably
appreciate using “ The Psychic's ” list more than average user. Example: Serious Lottery players will play more
numbers than the average player will, that increases there odds of winning… ( Most serious players have a base
system or method they go by or use Lottery books etc.. ) then you add a good system to reference with it, you will get
better odds of winning. Where the average player or someone that plays here and there, they will still get some wins,
but just at a slower pace… So you decide... But always play responsibly, there's always another drawing...
What to Expect from " The Psychic's ” State generated list ?
When playing the Lottery the only thing that anyone can do is make a strong attempt to predict what number might
come out for that drawing. The program and system was designed to try to cover all types of player preferences, if
you’re looking for a set of numbers to come out (any order), or looking for parts of number ( pairs, possibly in the right
order), or possibly trying to find the exact order that a number might come out in. Also keep in mind that between
Pick3 and Pick4, predicting the Pick4 is about 10 times harder than the Pick3. You may see in the State's number list,
the number may have missed by one number. ( Pick3 example ) The drawn number could be 123 but in the list it
could have 023 or 121 this is showing you the program is working hard to predict a strong list of numbers. It's best to
use a system for a full month and check numbers daily to get the best results, if you go week to week or month to
month, results and averages will very.
If you are looking for a system that gives you the winning number every time you use the program or system, then I
wish you luck in your search… If you’re looking for system that will increase your odds on average, then you are in
the right place…
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